Seasonal Essentials at CDC

1. Sadolin Shed & Fence Paint: What is summer without a striking shed or a fabulous fence? Sadolin’s superior formulation provides 5 Years Protection for both rough sawn and smooth planed sheds and fences. This innovative product is quick drying, and shower proof in only 30 minutes. It is wax enriched and water repellent, offering your outdoor timber the best possible defense against the elements—during the summer months, and beyond! Sadolin Shed & Fence paint boasts easy application due to the non-drip formula. In addition to shielding from moisture ingress, Sadolin Shed & Fence paint also offers UV protection so you can rest easy that the gorgeous colours won’t fade in the sun. Best of all? This product is currently on sale from your local Crown Decorating Centre stockist, as part of our Trade Essentials Promotion, happening now through June 30th 2021! Get 5L for €13.62 Incl VAT. 5L colours are available in deep tones such as Ebony Wood, Grey Shadow, Sylvan Glade, and Woodland Walk. We also have new 5L colours available, including the gorgeous Green Forest, the tranquil Gentle Green, and the vibrant Golden Autumn. This product is available in store only, so call your local stockist for more details.

2. Sandtex Trade High Cover Smooth: If you’re looking for a high-quality exterior masonry paint, Sandtex Trade High Cover Smooth is a stellar option. This smooth masonry paint is specially formulated for the professional user, and provides a quality protective and decorative finish in ma. This product is intended for use on most exterior masonry surfaces and exterior grade building boards. It offers 15 years of guaranteed durability, and this longwearing formula can withstand even the toughest of conditions. With its strong opacity and water-based matt finish, Sandtex Trade High Cover Smooth flawlessly disguises any fine cracks or blemishes. This superior paint can be mixed to your exact colour specifications as part of our Colourmix service. Currently, our Brilliant White High Cover Smooth 10L is availableon sale as part of our Trade Essentials promotion for €40.05 incl VAT.

3. Tetrion Masonry Repair: During the colder months, it’s common for masonry surfaces to undergo some minor damage. It’s vital that these small damages are fixed as soon as possible in order to prevent more serious issues. Tetrion Masonry Repair Filler has been formulated to set as hard as concrete. This product is waterproof so it will easily withstand whatever type of weather Mother Nature may throw at it. It’s well up for the challenge. Tetrion Masonry Repair Filler takes less than one hour at normal temperature to fully set, at which point it will be rock hard.

4. Sandtex Trade Stabilising Solution: Ensure your masonry surfaces are properly prepped for painting with the Sandtex Trade Stabilising Solution. A solvent-borne solution to stabilise chalking decorative finishes and to control suction on undecorated surfaces. For use on most exterior masonry surfaces and exterior grade building boards. Awarded a British Board of Agrément Certificate when used in conjunction with other certificated Sandtex® Trade protective and decorative finishes. Under normal drying conditions, this product is recoatable after 16 hours.

5. Sandtex Trade Rust Inhibiting Primer Undercoat: Now is also an excellent time to repaint your exterior metal so that it shines for summer. Your metal surfaces can be easily transformed with the help of the right metal primer and metal paint! Sandtex Trade’s Rust Inhibiting Primer Undercoat is specially formulated for use on unpainted ferrous and non-ferrous exterior metal surfaces, including weathered or pre-treated galvanised steel. This incredible product works to actively inhibit rust so that your metal surfaces look better and stay healthier for longer. A combined primer undercoat for metal, it promotes adhesion to resist flaking and cracking and ensure your top coats last for as long as possible. Sandtex Trade Rust Inhibiting Primer Undercoat is a solvent-based product and it makes the ideal foundation for Sandtex Trade Metalgloss X-tra & Eggshell X-tra.

6Sandtex Trade Metal Gloss X-tra: Get a glossy brilliant shine on your metal trim with the Sandtex Trade Metal Goss X-Tra. A high performance, solvent-based Gloss finish, specially formulated to provide long lasting protection for exterior metal, Metal Gloss X-Tra gives a mirror shine to your exterior metal surfaces. This easy to apply solvent-based product offers excellent resistance to UV damage and is touch dry within 4-6 hours and recoatable in 16 hours.

7. Fit For The Job Shed & Fence Brush: If you’ll be painting your shed or fence, you’ll need the right brush for the job. This brush is up for the challenge and is ideal for most wood and timber treatments. This specialty item is currently on sale as part of our Trade Essentials promotion, happening now through 30th June.

8. Crown Trade Protective Coatings Fast Drying Cladding Finish: Crown Trade Protective Coatings Fast Drying Cladding Finish is a high performance coatings system, specially developed for the refurbishment of pre-coated, weathered metal cladding, enabling it to be restored to a pristine condition. This exceptional product is nice to use and quick drying, providing up to 8 years of unbeatable protection. There are no special application tools required to work with this product and it offers a fast and simple transformation of tired and worn cladding.

Ready to start rejuvenating your exteriors and stocking up on some essentials? Contact your local Crown Decorating Centre for more information. For addition details on our Trade Essentials promotion, please see here.