Problem Solving - Aeration / Foaming

Has the paint surface become pock marked?

Problem Solving - Alligatoring

Like the name would suggest, alligatoring occurs when painted surfaces crack into a pattern (often resembling the reptile's scales).

Problem Solving - Blocking

Have two painted surfaces become stuck together?

Problem Solving - Blistering

Has the paint surface developed blisters or bulges?

Problem Solving - Blooming

Is the paint surface appearing milky?

Problem Solving - Burnishing / Marking

Is the paint surface showing shiney marks?

Problem Solving - Chalking / Erosion

Has the paint surface become powdery or chalky?

Problem Solving - Checking

Checking is a similar issue to alligatoring, but it is less severe. Checking usually manifests in long, shallow, fairly evenly spaced cracks in the paint film. Checking can sometimes become severe, leading to deeper cracks in the paint.

Problem Solving - Cissing

Has the paint surface developed craters?

Problem Solving - Cracking / Crazing

Has the paint surface developed cracks or fissures?

Problem Solving - Efflorescence

Has your stone surface developed a crystalline or powdery substance?

Problem Solving - Flaking / Loss of Adhesion

Has the paint surface begun to flake or peel?

Problem Solving - Flashing

Has the paint surface got a halo effect around touch ups?

Problem Solving - Lap Marks

Are there differences in the sheen and colour of your paint?

Problem Solving - Peeling Paint

Is your paint coming loose from the wall?

Problem Solving - Picture Framing

Does the paint colour look different at the edges?

Problem Solving - Roller Marking

Does the paint surface have unintentional patterns?

Problem Solving - Sagging / Curtaining

Does the paint surface look drooped?

Problem Solving - Staining

Are stains coming through your coating?

Problem Solving - Synerisis

Does the paint have a translucent liquid on the surface?

Problem Solving - Wrinkling

Does the paint surface appear wrinkled?