Spring 2022 Essentials at CDC

Are there any projects you’ve been waiting to complete? What do you need to do to get your home in top shape for the seasons ahead? How can you take full advantage of the nice spring weather we’ve been enjoying? 


Luckily, we have a variety of exceptional deals on some fantastic products as part of our Trade Essentials promotion, which is happening now through the end of April. Read on to find out more about what’s on offer, and also some of our other products that might be especially useful this time of year. 


Roller Kits: If you’re looking to stock up on the basics, you’ve come to the right spot! We currently have loads of rollers and roller kits on offer as part of our Trade Essentials promotion. These kits come in all different sizes, so you can make sure you find one that is best suited for your needs. A roller kit is a great all-rounder to have on hand, and will be useful for a variety of jobs. 


Brush kits: Just like roller kits, you can’t go wrong investing in these staples! Quality brushes are needed on a wide variety of projects so having a few extra on hand is always wise. We have some excellent brush kits from Prodec available and on promotion, as well as some from our own Crown brand. 


Sandtex X-Treme X-Posture All Masonry Paint: If you’re looking to paint your exteriors this spring or summer, Sandtex’s masonry paint range has you covered (literally). The X-treme X-posure Masonry Paint is extremely tough and offers unparalleled protection for outdoor walls. It is the ultimate defence against the elements. A superior durable, smooth masonry paint which provides the best possible protection against weather exposure, for the long term. 

This special formulation offers:

  • Ultimate weather and climate endurance
  • Anti-carbonation concrete protection
  • Extreme resistance to dirt & pollution
  • Highly flexible, covers & resists re-appearance of hairline cracks
  • BBA approved 15 years proven durability
  • Water-based, Matt finish


Sandtex Trade Flexible Primer Undercoat: Instantly rejuvenate the look of any home with a fresh coat of paint on the trim. This will help make a property look much more polished and put together. For the best base for your exterior wooden trimmings, opt for Sandtex Trade Flexible Primer Undercoat. This is a high performance flexible primer undercoat providing the ideal base for long lasting Eggshell and Gloss finishes on exterior wood.

Sandtex Trade Flexible Primer Undercoat:

  • Combines primer undercoat for wood
  • Adhesion promoting formulation
  • Flexes with substrate to alleviate flaking & cracking
  • Premium foundation for Sandtex Trade Flexigloss X-tra & Eggshell Xtra
  • Solvent-based. 

Follow your wooden primer undercoat with either Flexigloss Xtra or Eggshell X tra.


Flexigloss X-tra is a high-performance exterior Gloss system which provides greater resistance to cracking and flaking than traditional Gloss.

  • High Gloss finish for wood
  • Added inhibitors to reduce UV damage
  • Good flow levelling & film build
  • BBA approved 8 years proven durability
  • Manufacturers 10 year proven durability
  • Solvent-based, Gloss finish.


Eggshell X-tra is a high performance, solvent-based Eggshell finish, specially formulated to provide long lasting protection for exterior joinery and suitably primed metal.

  • Long lasting protection
  • Smooth finish for wood & metal
  • X-tra durable, outdoor specific formulation
  • Added inhibitors to reduce UV damage
  • Flexes with substrate to alleviate flaking & cracking
  • Solvent-based, Eggshell finish.


Sadolin Beautiflex®: Treat your wood to an incredible formula that will ensure long lasting great looks, fantastic coverage, and exceptional protection. 

Sadolin Beautiflex® Solvent Opaque Woodstain for exterior wood including decking is:

  • Ideal for use in cooler temperatures
  • Up to 7 years protection
  • Flexible coating with beautiful long lasting finish
  • Solid colour finish with superb colour retention


Sadolin Classic: Looking for a quality wood stain? Sadolin Classic All Purpose Woodstain is a highly versatile, general purpose, translucent woodstain suitable for use on all exterior and interior wood. 

Sadolin Classic is:

  • Ideal for use on its own on large surface areas such as decking, cladding and fencing
  • Perfect basecoat when used with Sadolin Extra Durable Woodstain on exterior joinery
  • Provides tough weather protection and excellent durability
  • Resists blistering and flaking


Frogtape Delicate Surface Tape: Here’s something that is easy to carry, never goes bad, and can be useful in virtually any project— Frogtape! Best of all— it’s on sale now as part of our Trade Essentials promotion! 

Frogtape delicate surface tape is

  • Edge-treated with patented PaintBlock technology for sharp paint lines
  • Recommended for use on finished wood, fresh paint (dry to the touch), wallpaper, veneer, laminate, vinyl and drywall (primed only)
  • Removes cleanly from most surfaces for up to 60 days
  • Light adhesion

In addition to Frogtape Delicate surface tape, Frogtape Multi Surface tape and Frogtape Gloss & Satin tape are also on sale now! There’s one for every job! 


Hippo All Purpose Trade Wipes: Hippo All Purpose Trade Wipes are currently on sale as part of our Trade Essentials promotion, and they’re fabulous to have on hand. Keep your hands, your tools and your surfaces clean and looking/working great with these very useful wipes. An effective multi-purpose cleaning solution, these tough all purpose wipes are unlike other types of wet wipe product. This is because they are made from tough, biodegradable spun lace.

Most other wet wipe products made for building, decorating and DIY use, are made from polypropylene. These types of wet wipe are more harmful for the environment because they don’t biodegrade over time. Hippo All Purpose Trade Wipes will successfully remove dirt & grime from hands & tools including most paints, oils and adhesive. Dermatologically tested and safe to use with all skin types.


Sandtex Trade Dirt Repellent: Sandtex Trade Dirt Repellent is the perfect accompaniment to your exterior masonry. It is a protective coating, which minimises dirt retention on exterior masonry coatings.

This Dirt Repellent:

  • Contains unique coloured indicator to assist at application
  • Use over all matt masonry paints
  • Gives extra protection against future formation of organic growth
  • Water-based


Who’s ready to get their home looking great? The above essentials are fantastic for the Spring and Summer months, and beyond! Best of all, our Trade Essentials promotion means some of these products are currently on sale.