Introducing CDC's Can Back Scheme


What is Can Back?

  • Can Back is the Crown Decorating Centres paint can recycling scheme.
  • Can Back helps our customers to be more sustainable with ease and at no extra cost.
  • Can Back is open to ALL Crown Decorating Centre customers – Trade and DIY users.


How does Can Back work?

  • Crown Paints work with Envirogreen, a recycling facilitator with locations in Northern
  • Ireland (Newry) and the Republic of Ireland (Summerhill, Co. Meath).
  • All Crown Decorating Centres (CDC’s) on the island of Ireland participate in the scheme.
  • Customers return appropriate* paint cans to any CDC (*see below for definition)
  • The CDC will then arrange for the cans to be processed and delivered to Envirogreen.



Definition of Appropriate Paint Cans

  • Only Crown Paints Limited brands can be returned inclusive of:

- Crown, Crown Trade, Crown Contract

- Sandtex, Sandtex Trade

- Sadolin

- Macpherson

- Berger

  • We will not accept paint cans produced by other manufacturers.
  • Plastic and metal cans and lids will be accepted.
  • All cans must be EMPTY and DRY.



Why choose Can Back?

  • Can Back allows you and your business to be more sustainable, at no extra cost.
  • We accept all Crown Paints branded cans and lids, making the recycling process easier for you and your teams.
  • We can provide you with reports detailing how many cans you’ve returned to be recycled.


See the flipping book here