Autumn Essentials at CDC

1. Tetrion All Purpose Filler Powder: Tetrion All Purpose Filler is tough and water-resistant. Developed to be highly versatile, it can be used for either interior or exterior jobs. Seals, bonds and fills most household materials including, plaster, wood, stone, concrete, glass, metal and brickwork.

This filler would work great to patch any holes or cracks to your interiors or exteriors before the autumn and winter seasons. Minor damages that go unfixed can lead to much larger problems down the road, so repair these damages properly and as soon as possible.


2. Indasa PU Sealant: Just like the other surfaces around your home, your PU windows are susceptible to damage and leaks which could lead to larger issues as well as unwelcome air flow and water ingress. With the cooler weather coming it’s vital to seal and protect your home from the elements so that you can stay as warm and as comfortable as possible, and not have to deal with bigger problems that could be caused from neglect.

Indasa PU Sealants are fast drying moisture cure sealants which form a tough, permanently flexible seal and offer excellent resistance to UV, water and weathering. These sealants come in grey or black and can be painted over when fully cured. 


3. Tetrion Mould Cleaner: With the cooler months ahead you’ll likely be spending more and more time indoors and you want to make sure that you have the best environment possible. Get rid of unsightly and potentially dangerous mould with Tetrion Mould Cleaner, which kills & prevents mould, algae & fungus growth. This product doesn’t use toxic bleach or caustic agents, so it's safe to use on ceramic tiles, grout, shower stalls, bath tubs, dish racks & more. A great, multi-surface product. Mould is more prevalent during the cold and wetter winter months, so be sure to combat the issue before it causes a greater one.


4. Sandtex Trade Flexible Primer Undercoat: Now is an excellent time to finish any outstanding projects on your exteriors. Why not give your home a new lease on life with a fresh coat of paint on your door? This simple project will rejuvenate your entryway and elevate the look of your house. Start with Sandtex Trade Flexible Primer Undercoat, which is a high performance, flexible primer undercoat providing the ideal base for long-lasting Eggshell and Gloss finishes on exterior wood. 


It is a combined solvent-based primer undercoat for wood with an adhesion promoting formulation that flexes with the substrate to alleviate flaking & cracking. This is the premium foundation for Sandtex Trade Flexigloss X-tra & Eggshell Xtra. 


5. Sandtex Trade Flexigloss X-tra: Following on from the above, complete your front door or trim projects with Sandtex Trade Flexigloss X-tra. This product is a high-performance exterior Gloss system which provides greater resistance to cracking and flaking than traditional Gloss. It is solvent-based and offers a high gloss finish for wood, with added inhibitors to reduce UV damage. It is BBA approved for 8 years of proven durability and carries a Manufacturers guarantee for 10 years of proven durability.


6. Crown Trade Clean Extreme Anti Bacterial Scrubbable Matt: We’re all likely to be spending more time indoors in the coming seasons, so why not spruce up your interiors? Crown Trade Clean Extreme Anti Bacterial Scrubbable Matt offers a dual purpose solution that is stain resistant and defends against bacteria such as MRSA and Ecoli, using independently tested SteriTouch® Silver Ion Technology, suitable for interior walls and ceilings. This special formula provides Superior Stain Resistance and allows for new and aged stains to be easily cleaned away. Independently tested to ISO 11998 class 1 scrub rating.



7. ProDec Bib and Brace: The ProDec Bib and Brace will ensure you’re ready for any project, big or small. With Reinforced knee pads, extra large pouch pocket with button front, zipped breast pocket with integral pen pockets, slant side pockets, 2 rear patch pockets, ruler pocket, key loop, strong snap fastenings, and an elasticated back braces for extra comfort you’ll be well dressed for the job.


In the mood to start an autumn decorating project? Find your local CDC here.